So it begins….

I only have moment to begin this blog so all I wanted to say is this:

  • house buying was so much simpler than I thought
  • home repair is more complex than I thought (due to the choreography of workers)
  • moving took longer than I imagined
  • getting sick while moving is not a good idea
  • while paying for someone to clean for you is
  • I’m a pretty good at backing up a loaded trailer

We purchased our first home in Ojai, CA on Nov 18. The woman rented it from us until Dec 2 so she could have time to move out and make arrangements. We started moving Dec 2 ad finished Dec 6th.  We did it mostly on our own with a trailer and our Vibe, and a bit of help from friends on three evenings.

Today is the first day that I am fully here and not running back to the rental.  This feels good.   We have loads of work to do in the next week or two which include asbestos abatement of heating ducts, tile and ceilings. It is work we did not expect to do right away, but found necessary. And so it begins…

This blog is about our progress and evolution of the house, and probably us too.  It is really more for us to look back on, but it is here for anyone who wants to share the journey with us as well.

This house has landscaping that lends itself to fairies, elves, and magic. Ferns are weeds here. Moss abounds in place of grass. I love that.  I wanted to give this place a name and  just this morning, a name arrived.

Alchemy: any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.
This house has “so much potential” is what we keep hearing from contractors and also what we felt from the first day we walked in.  I never dated or married “potential”, but I think a house lends itself into that way of thinking. It needs work and with a bit of pixy dust, creativity, hard work and cash, I know we can transform it.
Alchemy Grove it is.
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