“Skylight” Illusions

The skylights look nice from this perspective, below and looking up:

This is one in the kitchen:

Here is a 4 foot square in the hallway/living room/kitchen junction:

The funny thing is, when you peek up behind the plastic you see a gaping hole to the attic.  For example, the four foot “skylight” above is really a 4 foot hole where all our heat gets sucked up into the attic (below)

The standard is to have a insulated box that follows between the skylight in the roof down to the window in the ceiling.  Not this house. Henry decided to just use a few nails to tack up some reflecting stuff around the hole- but there is no structure or sealing.  The house is amazingly drafty. This is not helping matters. When you take out the 3 nails that is holding up all this silver you see above, this hole looks like this:

Yup.  It is just a big hole. One giant illusion.

The bathroom has a panel of illusionary skylights as well.  When you go into the attic you can look down and see them.  It should be a box that goes from roof to ceiling. Instead it is open…so when you open the bathroom door hard enough, the suction actually can pop one of these small cheap plastic panels up into the attic and then insulation drifts down into the sink. Also note the classy electrical work Henry did.

I need to learn more about Henry. What I know is that he was married to Marta for 30+ years and died about 10 years ago.  He did a lot of work on this house himself. Marta referred to him as an engineer, but his jobs are definitely a DIY quality. I am sure I can learn more about Henry from Marta as time goes on.

We are just sealing up the skylights.  Putting drywall over them, saying good-bye to the natural light and saying hello to heating bill savings. We will revisit this option later when we have more money to frame and insulate everything out like it should be.

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