Wallpaper Exodus & Heat

Dad is working hard removing all of our wallpaper from the living room. There is some sort of wallpaper that she described as being made of Japanese grass. We sort of liked it and might have kept it except two problems:

1) It was very porous and fibrous and attracted Marta’s cat hair.

2) The top was torn in several places from the asbestos abatement so needed to be removed.

Fortunately dad found this product called DIF that was odorless and allowed the wallpaper to basically fall off the wall so he has been able to make major improvements this week in removing almost all of it from living room and hallway. H is planning on being done tomorrow by finishing in the entryway.

The bathroom is the only other place we have wallpaper. It is the kind we would not live with even if it wasn’t damaged. It is funky and fortunately is put up in a gloss white wall.  It has all it can do to stay up on the wall right now, so it will be very easy to remove tomorrow.

Our house is getting naked. Stripped down to the bare bones.

Today we have heat. We had the new ducts put in with a 95.5% efficiency furnace on Tues & Wed this week. Today the inspector came and verified that the leakage is less than 6% which what is needed to meet the new standard of efficiency. Next step is getting the skylights sealed so the house can actually retain the heat that the awesome furnace is putting out!

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