Vacumm leaves

I despise leaf blowers- they are loud, whiny, obnoxious, cause spillage of gas & oil, and pollute the environment.  Yet somehow I find one that I bought in my garage. It is electric, so no pollution and gas spillage, and it is 65 decibles which means no loud high pitched whine ( I don’t even need to wear ear plugs, but do anyway).  I caved for a few reasons…

1) I have 4 large old oak trees plus other deciduous trees on our property that are dropping mounds of leaves everywhere. They blanket the irregular rock paths that we have and make it dangerous to walk around without slipping or twisting an ankle.

2) I need mulch. Currently the city wants you do pile your leaves into their refuse bin and they take it (for a fee every week) to mulch and then sell it back to you for purchase. That means I pay twice for something that is already found on my property…

Enter Toro the blower/vacuum. I will not use the blower option much…but today I vacuumed leaves all over the property and used the mulched leaves in the garden.

It was awesome.

I hope this novelty never wears off.

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”  ~Stanley Horowitz

Before/after pictures:

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