Label maker

I never thought I would own a label maker, much less get excited about using it. Then I bought a toolbox on sale and realized it would end this needless searching for tools if we were actually organized. Forget that we are still living out of boxes while the house is worked on. The reality is we are doing projects and need to find things when we need them. Hence, new toolbox and label maker.20120126-223221.jpg

Label tape is not cheap and it takes a bit of time to print and apply each label. Time that I could actually apply to using one of those tools in the box. So after a bit of this I decided to caste a bigger net with my text by making one label per drawer if the contents of the drawer fit into a category. It saves tape and time. For example: “Things that pinch and grab”.

I thought it was ingenious & creative.
Paul said those are “girl labels”.



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One thought on “Label maker

  1. Vara

    ROFL. I love tools, toolboxes, labels, and all the accoutrements… but Paul’s right. Besides, “Wrenches” and “Pliers” would have actually used less tape.

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