Desk face-lift

So it started with a Friday night, a bottle of wine and some homemade pizza.

A new job starting on Monday means I need to have functional home office up and running. This work table that is about 6×4 feet has been serving as my work desk but has terrible top.  Metal, marred, stained, ugly. Time for a face lift:


White latex zero VOC and tissue paper as base layer


Textured top!


Followed by craft latex paint.  I had no plan I just started painting…


then added accents…


the white faux overlay to lighten a bit…


topped with a no odor, eco friendly polyurethane made from whey

I tried to find something like it locally but after going to 3 stores and people looking at me like I was crazy for wanting a product that did not off-gas for the next few weeks, I went on-line to find this Vermont Naturals product. I love it! It dries in 2 hours and despite having a paper coating it covered it quite well with 3 coats. I have been sliding things around on the desk and spilled coffee and it seems to be doing quite well.



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One thought on “Desk face-lift

  1. Sarah

    That’s great, Heather! So creative!

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