The living room  and hall way was covered with what I thought was wall paper then was later explained to me by the previous owner was some natural grass product that was glued onto the walls. It made me like it better and I think we would have lived with it for awhile as  we have bigger fish to fry. I was concerned about cat hair being imbedded into it (Paul is allergic) and also the owner would paint over the grass with a dilute paint so it made the whole point of wallpaper seem silly if you ended up painting it anyway. We ended up pulling it all out, mostly as a function of the damage left to it from the popcorn ceiling being removed. The adhesive used for that rips up wallpaper. Sigh.

I know thing is something that I will forget was even on these walls within a few years, so I am putting it here to help me remember. It felt ancient, both in a good and bad way.

We will replace it with a combo of paint in hallway, and some natural paper texture in living room with bamboo wainscoating. Stay tuned for upcoming pictures…not likely until Nov?



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