The white wisteria starts to bloom in March and is in full bloom by tax time.

I sit out here on some afternoons, with my laptop and tea, and work for the last hour or two of my day. Dappled warm afternoon sun, cool lazy breezes, the wisteria doesn’t have a chance to be smelled because the heavy scent of jasmine is nearby. Only the solid black bumblebees take notice of it’s delicate scent and cling to flowers that sag to one side due to the bees weight. Honeybees visit too. The air around the arbor vibrates with so many bees visiting at once. I have never had a single bee give me any trouble while I work. I wonder what wisteria honey tastes like.

Wisteria by Philip Levine
The first wisteria
I recall from boyhood hung
on a wire outside the windows
of the breakfast room next door
at the home of Steve Pisaris.
I loved his tall, skinny daughter,
or so I thought, and I would wait
beside the back door, prostrate,
begging to be taken in. Perhaps
it was only the flowers of spring
with their sickening perfumes
that had infected me…”


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I have an addiction

Many orchids in my house are blooming. These are an addiction of mine. Every one is so unique, especially now with the intragenic hybrids.

On a rainy day there is nothing better than looking at an orchid flower with its face toward the grey light unaware that that today isn’t just as fabulous as the last









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I was a bit zealous and planted a bit early this year. I have a few tomatoes that I bought as plantlets which were hit with frost a few weeks ago. The tops and edges were frost burned. Now they are thick stemmed and already flowering.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.


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Orange blossoms

The smell of orange blossoms is starting. A bright fruity smell that even smells sweet. It has characteristics of lilac or jasmine lays in heavy pockets in the air. We are lucky to have a few in our yard. Soon the air will be so thick with sweet fragrance we can spread it on our pancakes!


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Carrot Forest

So I bought tiny carrots seedlings 2 months ago. They were hardly carrots but rather about an inch tall plant clumped together in a garden 6 pack. I delicately separated them in half to create 12 clumps and planted in the garden.

Now they are bigger and just starting to develop into tiny carrots. They are in trouble.

It is like a carrot forest with dense canopy. Carrots don’t like being a forest.

They are all entwined in a carrot ball. They won’t grow this way nor could I hardly pull a carrot once they bigger.


So I have taken each root ball and separated them into rows. While doing that, my friend wanted to chat. It was getting dark, I had other things to do, and I felt pressured to get them space. I texted her back:


They are still probably too close but better than before and will make thinning easier. Plus I don’t have much planting space left! We will see how they do!


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I tripped and got new irrigation

I had just finished up some yard work and  was dragging a hose across the yard by draping it across my shoulders.  A loop of the hose tapped the top of the irrigation system that happens to be very old ( to the best guess it could be 25 years old). The little catch caused me to trip a little and then I heard spraying water.  I turned to see a leaking pipe. 😦

It took Paul a couple of days to rip it all out and put in new. We knew it needed to be done when we moved in and sometimes things just jump up in the foreground when they don’t want to wait anymore.




The soil was packed and root filled. We needed a pick and didn’t have one. We have one now. Despite that, he is smiling while working. His neat finished product below:


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Fig leaf!

My fig leaf is leafing out! Realize this blog is for my garden calendar notes so I don’t expect anyone to get too excited about this.


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Garden in March

I’m getting caught up on my blogs on the house. It is now Oct and I feel the winter drawing in. I have loads of draft posts created with photos but not much published. If this is to be my record of the growth of the house it is time to finish up some of these posts and not worry about the text.

March brought orchids, Birds of Paradise, flowers and bees, not much food but loads of beauty. It was so fun

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Blueberries starting!!

Enough said


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I found these in my yard over the weekend. So beautiful! The Jack-n-Pulpit is a very special plant and reminds me of MN-Canada border when canoeing in the Spring.



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