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Dec 2011 in New House

Just looking at photos of the house when we first moved in. We have come a long way in tearing things down and replacing major things like heating system and water heater. Now it is time to make it pretty

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Kitchen Living Room wall

Dec 26th the cabinets come down with the help of Brian, Paul’s brother. One of those holiday bonding moments with family. What followed next was the tearing down of the wall in early Spring 2012 and we just did more tear down and framing the past few months. Here are the photos I have of that process



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Water overflow

This is old news but I wanted it documented in my house journal here. Our laundry overflowed one night for no apparent reason. The loads up to it and in the weeks proceeding it have not. The drain pipe might be tricky…anyway one night at 11:30 it flooded our garage which contained all of our stuff from move in. About 70% of the wet boxes contained books. Not cool. I spent the next several hours moving boxes into a room then the next couple days setting up bookcases and organizing all of them to dry out. Fortunately I got to them right away as only a few have apparent water damage.


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Label maker

I never thought I would own a label maker, much less get excited about using it. Then I bought a toolbox on sale and realized it would end this needless searching for tools if we were actually organized. Forget that we are still living out of boxes while the house is worked on. The reality is we are doing projects and need to find things when we need them. Hence, new toolbox and label maker.20120126-223221.jpg

Label tape is not cheap and it takes a bit of time to print and apply each label. Time that I could actually apply to using one of those tools in the box. So after a bit of this I decided to caste a bigger net with my text by making one label per drawer if the contents of the drawer fit into a category. It saves tape and time. For example: “Things that pinch and grab”.

I thought it was ingenious & creative.
Paul said those are “girl labels”.



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My dad

I’m behind on all the posts and all the new things. My days are filled with a new job and my evening filled with projects or family time. Suffice it to say that less than half of the things would be done around here if it wasn’t for my dad helping us. He is living with us for a few months and he has been here since the move in day to help with projects. Thanks dad.




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Paradox of choice

Lowe’s. A great example of the paradox of choice if I have ever seen it.  If you don’t know about this paradox, you are missing out. Hear it from the king of choice himself, Barry Schwartz. Basically, the more choices we have, the less likely we are to choose and the less happy we are with our choice. More leaves us with less.

We  went in for very specific things and came out something that fit that description, like a faucet and a new front doorknob.  This is what home ownership is about – getting excited about a doorknob.

I do love our front door though.

It is important to stay in love with the simple things.

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“Skylight” Illusions

The skylights look nice from this perspective, below and looking up:

This is one in the kitchen:

Here is a 4 foot square in the hallway/living room/kitchen junction:

The funny thing is, when you peek up behind the plastic you see a gaping hole to the attic.  For example, the four foot “skylight” above is really a 4 foot hole where all our heat gets sucked up into the attic (below)

The standard is to have a insulated box that follows between the skylight in the roof down to the window in the ceiling.  Not this house. Henry decided to just use a few nails to tack up some reflecting stuff around the hole- but there is no structure or sealing.  The house is amazingly drafty. This is not helping matters. When you take out the 3 nails that is holding up all this silver you see above, this hole looks like this:

Yup.  It is just a big hole. One giant illusion.

The bathroom has a panel of illusionary skylights as well.  When you go into the attic you can look down and see them.  It should be a box that goes from roof to ceiling. Instead it is open…so when you open the bathroom door hard enough, the suction actually can pop one of these small cheap plastic panels up into the attic and then insulation drifts down into the sink. Also note the classy electrical work Henry did.

I need to learn more about Henry. What I know is that he was married to Marta for 30+ years and died about 10 years ago.  He did a lot of work on this house himself. Marta referred to him as an engineer, but his jobs are definitely a DIY quality. I am sure I can learn more about Henry from Marta as time goes on.

We are just sealing up the skylights.  Putting drywall over them, saying good-bye to the natural light and saying hello to heating bill savings. We will revisit this option later when we have more money to frame and insulate everything out like it should be.

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Messy beauty

Despite the house being a mess, there is beauty all around.  Despite the acoustic ceiling coming off in a few days I put together myself a little living room. The dogs approve

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Bedroom/Office combo

So today I set-up the room that we will be living out of for a few weeks. It houses both of our offices, the bed, our clothes in boxes, our bird cage, and several aquariums of fish and geckos. Cozy. I feel like I’m 20 again and living with a boyfriend in an efficiency.

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In the new house…sort of

So moving into the new house means life is all about mess, boxes, and chaos. I am not even going to pretend like I have it under control nor will I filter it for this blog.

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