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Kitchen Living Room wall

Dec 26th the cabinets come down with the help of Brian, Paul’s brother. One of those holiday bonding moments with family. What followed next was the tearing down of the wall in early Spring 2012 and we just did more tear down and framing the past few months. Here are the photos I have of that process



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Living room Overhaul

July 2012 brought changes to the inside of the house. We ripped down the dark paneled wall in the living room and Paul’s office. Also the partial wall that was between the living room and kitchen is further removed. We ripped out the closet between the office and bedroom and are reframing all of it. We now have no finished walls, floor or ceiling in the bedroom, office, living room, and part of the kitchen. Our goal is to have it finished by Dec 2012 but with my travel it may be difficult.


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Cabinets Out!

There is some space that surrounds these cabinets that is called a kitchen. They take up the whole wall.

They are dark, big, and dirty.

And no, I won’t need the storage later.

I don’t even want the wall there (much less cabinets).

And so they go.

Brian (Paul’s brother) was town town over Christmas weekend. They spent about an hour pulling them out.

There. So much better. Now the linoleum needs to be lifted (and the 2 layers of tile underneath).

Then the wall.

It  is supporting wall so some of it needs to stay with a header, but it is just aching to lead you into the living room.

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Kitchen cabinet paint

First on the list was cleaning the scum, slime, dirt, cat hair, ect out of the rooms. Next was unpacking a bit. Before the kitchen can be unpacked I wanted to put a fresh coat of pain inside the cabinets to paint over the stains that were under the lime green contact paper that we removed.  Dad did the work over the week and they look great.  Zero-VOC’s from the local paint store. This means no odor so bird safe, and clean off with water. Wonderful!

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