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Easy wall face-lift

I used the same technique on the walls as I did the table and only one coat of paint. Old floorboards were used as walls in my office- so they are terrible to look at and plus are marred, dirty, and water stained. Tissue paper and paint avoids primer and patching.  We will redo the whole wall later at some point, but this gives it a fresh new look in about an hour.





During: I put paint on the wall, place tissue paper, and roll more paint over. Repeat.


It is still wet here.  You can vary the wrinkles by how you place the tissue paper on the wall.


Here is the final product in use.  I would put another coat if I was doing this somewhere else in the house, and if there was to be a lot of traffic around it I would highly recommend a topcoat/sealer. I love it.



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Desk face-lift

So it started with a Friday night, a bottle of wine and some homemade pizza.

A new job starting on Monday means I need to have functional home office up and running. This work table that is about 6×4 feet has been serving as my work desk but has terrible top.  Metal, marred, stained, ugly. Time for a face lift:


White latex zero VOC and tissue paper as base layer


Textured top!


Followed by craft latex paint.  I had no plan I just started painting…


then added accents…


the white faux overlay to lighten a bit…


topped with a no odor, eco friendly polyurethane made from whey

I tried to find something like it locally but after going to 3 stores and people looking at me like I was crazy for wanting a product that did not off-gas for the next few weeks, I went on-line to find this Vermont Naturals product. I love it! It dries in 2 hours and despite having a paper coating it covered it quite well with 3 coats. I have been sliding things around on the desk and spilled coffee and it seems to be doing quite well.



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Kitchen cabinet paint

First on the list was cleaning the scum, slime, dirt, cat hair, ect out of the rooms. Next was unpacking a bit. Before the kitchen can be unpacked I wanted to put a fresh coat of pain inside the cabinets to paint over the stains that were under the lime green contact paper that we removed.  Dad did the work over the week and they look great.  Zero-VOC’s from the local paint store. This means no odor so bird safe, and clean off with water. Wonderful!

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