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Garden in July




My first tomatoes, beautifully misshapen as garden varieties go yet superb flavor. Next year we will have better irrigation to run them a bit drier, my goal is dry farming, to create more intense flavor. A few hots days and direct sun caused some flower bud drop. Maybe I need to offer shade cloth on those days?

My surprise tomato patch is growing and filling the whole space behind the white trellis. I am so surprised that they grew here at all. These were all planting from seed.

Warmer weather bring loads of sunbathing for the dogs

More raspberries ripening!

Fresno and jalapeno peppers are steady along with squash blossoms

Baby lizards hatching all over garden and milling about

Paul put in new irrigation near my prep table. This will have its own blog all together, just know that having an outdoor sink near your compost is devine

Oak leaves continue to fall all year round. The leaves are lined with sharp spines, unlike any oak tree in the Midwest. This is a strange and mysterious place sometimes.

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Garden in June


Tomatillos! How I love these fruits! Not just raw or roasted in salsa, but raw sprinkled with salt makes a crunchy delicious snack and once dehydrated makes a chewy snack that has a hint of apple flavor. These continue to produce into Oct!

We have a cactus that produces beautiful pink explosions of flowers in the front yard. Truly stunning. A little ray of sunshine to court us as we looked out the kitchen window.

Berries! Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, what a treat! Delicious bursts of nature’s sugar! I have planted more strawberries and all the blueberries, and the raspberries came with the house

Tomatoes getting bigger but still green. Merge flowers popping up all over.

I swear this house came with simple instructions of “Just add water and wait to be surprised.”

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