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Revealing the May Garden

So I’m sitting here in bed, in the dark… trying to not wake Paul while searching for something intriguing, empowering, or witty to say about the garden with only 18% battery left. Ah, I will just let it be what it is. I will just post the pictures so I can keep track of what is growing in each month.

All I know is that it taps something deep and lost inside of me, maybe lost inside of most of us. The sun on my skin, the warm soil between my toes, the green stained hand that smells of tomatoes. This is what really keep the world moving around and what keep me rooted.

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help.” -Mary Sarton

Some of the carrots are big enough to eat. Some, not all.  That is a story for another day.




I found a volunteer potato growing in the compost. Also the first pepper from the garden was picked the end of May ( one great for mole).



Strawberries (and raspberries) started popping up all over the property towards the end of May and are small delicious bursts of tangy sugar.



A husband is sprouting up next to the artichokes too!



Harvested the first beet the last week of May. The asparagus is dwindling down to a few sticks every few days.



Fuji tree with many baby fruits!




Squash blossoms with a baby zucchini attached. Such a delicate flavor with just a bit of goat cheese slipped inside the petals and baked.



My first pickle that looks like it can be used as a weapon.



The first tomato appeared early May. By end of May all have flowers, and about half the plants have some fruits, even the many I grew from seeds.



Baby pomegranate tree is fruiting!



Tomatilloes exploded with the heat and flowers early May and husks that are filling by end of May



The tomatillos are in pots and doing well here in full sun.



Peach tree with only a few fruits.


Hatching locusts leaving their creepy body shells all around.



Too hot for kale- everything bolted. I was gong to let the kale go to see but the aphids took over. There were the only plants in my whole garden so far that became infected with any kind of insects so far.



We discovered an apple tree along the side of the house. Turns out the squirrels already knew.



Blueberries continue to slowly, ever so slowly, ripen.  I can eat one or two every now and then.



Birds of Paradise were in full bloom all month. The one on the corner started a week or two in advance. By end of May they are shriveled up.



What broccoli looks like in the heat…meaning over 80 degrees.  Bolted and flowered. I am going to see if I can snag some seeds and plant again in fall when cooler weather is here.


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Replacing garden skeletons

So now a garden has somehow materialized in the past few weeks. Skeletons replaced by dirt, then compost, then leaves…now plants and a fence. Cold vegetables only can be planted in the winter (planted in the winter was not something I said when living in the Midwest)! The token artichoke & asparagus that came with the house, a new bed of spinach, kale, collards, some broccoli, and a bit of carrots, beets and red Batavian lettuce. A few empty beds remain which are saved for tomatoes and peppers which can be planted in the Spring. Yum!!!






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