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Kitchen Living Room wall

Dec 26th the cabinets come down with the help of Brian, Paul’s brother. One of those holiday bonding moments with family. What followed next was the tearing down of the wall in early Spring 2012 and we just did more tear down and framing the past few months. Here are the photos I have of that process



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Easy wall face-lift

I used the same technique on the walls as I did the table and only one coat of paint. Old floorboards were used as walls in my office- so they are terrible to look at and plus are marred, dirty, and water stained. Tissue paper and paint avoids primer and patching.  We will redo the whole wall later at some point, but this gives it a fresh new look in about an hour.





During: I put paint on the wall, place tissue paper, and roll more paint over. Repeat.


It is still wet here.  You can vary the wrinkles by how you place the tissue paper on the wall.


Here is the final product in use.  I would put another coat if I was doing this somewhere else in the house, and if there was to be a lot of traffic around it I would highly recommend a topcoat/sealer. I love it.



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