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Garden in August




The first picture shows a care package I gave to a neighboor who gave me honey from his bees when we first moved in. I gave him food as a thank you for having these great bees who help pollinate my food.

I am drying tomatillos and tomatoes. The tomatoes are mostly San Marzano which are meant for sauce so they have low water content and dry quickly yet provide concentrated tomato flavor. They also make delicious sauce which I have in the freezer. The tomatillos when dried and sprinkled with a bit of salt take on a tasty mild apple flavor. Yum!

I bought a lot of seeds for next years garden. I am a bit over zealous I think but super excited to see what I can grow and how it might taste. I bought a four small metal cases with small circular containers that are intended to hold beads. I find it a delightful seed sorter so I can store them in my fridge without having to pull them out all the time to look at what I have or their package for info.

We have eating tomatoes frequently available. I love walking out to the garden and letting what is ripe dictate my dinner that night. Some interesting shapes arise too.

The pond has what I thought was duck weed on it then later learned it is a certain kind of water fern. I like it better now knowing that for some reason. Like a soft carpet floating over the water providing a cozy blanket for all.

I try to eat zucchini flowers but with travel I had one that got away from me. I cam beach to one that is bigger than my forearm.

Peppers are very happy with all this heat. Habanero peppers which I made into a ground powder to use like seasoning. Fresno which are delicious stuffed with goat chase and roasted.

The garden is in full swing, producing food and still some flowers are around. The wisteria has dropped it’s flowers but the full foliage remains above the deck area providing shade.

Jasmine that I put in pots is now in full growth, creating a green wall that I had hoped for.

We are sleeping outside in a screened in room that we call the zen room. Beautiful space to sleep in and the summer nights are cool and quiet to drift off to sleep.

I love our life here.

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